Spring Cleaning Advice from No1 Cleaning Solutions


Spring has arrived, and it’s time to breathe new life into your commercial space. At No1 Cleaning Solutions, we’re here to offer practical spring cleaning tips that will transform your workspace into a cleaner, healthier and more productive environment.

Banish Allergens and Breathe Easy

Hidden within the nooks and crannies of your office lie unseen invaders known as dust mites. These tiny creatures thrive in warm office settings, living in carpets, chairs, curtains and other such soft furnishings. While they don’t bite or sting, dust mites are notorious for causing allergies, with symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes and eczema, making it all the more important to ensure they are kept under control.

Just vacuuming often won’t be enough to deal with them. Dust mites, along with their allergenic waste and droppings, demand a more formidable adversary, which is a professional steam clean for your carpets. Unlike regular vacuuming, steam cleaning can eliminate not only dust mites but also mould, mildew, pollen, odours and pet dander.

With regular carpet cleaning, you’ll significantly improve the overall air quality within your workplace, promoting the well-being of your employees. Another benefit is that is also extends the lifespan of your carpets and makes them look as good as new.

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Is your office kitchen becoming a breeding ground for germs and potential health hazards? Neglecting food storage and cleanliness can lead to gastroenteritis cases, costing your business time and money. To ensure safe food handling, your kitchen appliances, especially the refrigerator must be kept pristine.

During your spring clean, don’t forget to tackle the fridge. Scrub away built-up stains and grime, both inside and out. Disinfect all surfaces, focusing on handles and fittings, as they tend to harbour the most germs. Most importantly, clear out any forgotten or expired food items and throw them away. A sparkling clean kitchen fridge not only prevents foodborne illnesses but also reduces employee sick days, keeping your team healthy and productive.

Revamp Your Building’s Exterior

While you’re at it, remember that first impressions matter. The exterior of your workplace is a reflection of your business. Neglecting its maintenance can deter clients, customers, and even your own team members.

During your spring clean, consider these exterior cleaning tasks:

Don’t forget the windows! Clean, streak-free windows allow natural light to flood your workspace, boosting morale and productivity.

Time to Call in the Experts

So is it time for a detailed spring cleaning at your workplace? Then contact No1 Cleaning Solutions and let us take care of it for you. We’re an experienced commercial cleaning company committed to excellence. Whether you need routine cleaning or those occasional deep-cleaning tasks, we’ve got you covered!