Stress-Free Move Out Cleaning Tips

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Moving out can be overwhelming, but with a well-organised plan, your move out cleaning can be a breeze. Whether you are moving to a new house, relocating to another city, or ending your lease, you want to leave your former home in a clean and tidy condition. Not only is this a sign of respect for the next occupants, but it can also help you get your bond back or avoid any penalties from your landlord.

However, cleaning a whole house can be a daunting task, especially when you have to deal with packing, transporting, and settling in your new place. To help with this, we have compiled a list of practical tips to ensure a successful and stress-free cleaning process.

1.Pack Before You Clean

Before diving into cleaning, ensure all your packing is complete. This saves you from having to clean twice and provides ample space for efficient cleaning without obstacles. Try to keep things organised, and the process will be smoother. Label your boxes clearly and sort them by room or category. This will make unpacking easier and faster in your new home.

2.Centralise Packed Boxes

If you can’t move your boxes immediately, gather them in one room or corner. This makes cleaning the rest of the house easier. Once fully moved, clean the room with the boxes and give the entire place a final once-over. You can also use this room as a storage area for any items that you want to donate, sell, or discard. This will help you declutter and reduce the amount of stuff you have to move.

3.Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

Start by removing cobwebs and dust from ceilings. Wipe walls from top to bottom using clean rags, addressing stains with a damp cloth. This ensures a thorough cleaning without damaging the paint. Don’t forget to clean light fixtures, fans, vents and switches. Use a ladder or a long-handled duster to reach high places.

4.Windows and Doorframes

Wipe down window frames and glass panes to eliminate dust. Use window cleaner for stains and marks, and brighten up doorframes with a damp cloth. We cannot emphasise the importance of a comprehensive cleaning approach. Clean both the inside and outside of the windows, if possible. Use a squeegee or a newspaper to avoid streaks. Make sure to clean the window sills and tracks as well.

5.Give The Kitchen Deep Clean

Give extra attention to kitchen counters and cabinets. The kitchen requires a high level of cleanliness, so go the extra mile to ensure a spotless and sanitary space. We recommend a deep cleanse based on the condition of your kitchen. Remove all the items from the cabinets and drawers, and wipe them inside and out. Clean the stove, oven, microwave, fridge and any other appliances. Use baking soda and vinegar for stubborn grease and grime. Don’t forget to clean the sink, faucet and drain. Dispose of any expired or unwanted food items.

6.Sweep/Vacuum Entire House

Opt for sweeping or vacuuming the entire house before mopping. This prevents dirt transfer between rooms and streamlines the cleaning process. Take the time to thoroughly sweep each room before proceeding with mopping. Pay attention to corners, edges, and under furniture. Use a vacuum cleaner with attachments to clean carpets, rugs, upholstery and curtains. Change the vacuum bag or empty the dust container frequently.

7.Bathroom Scrubbing

Leave bathroom cleaning for last, considering the ongoing use during the move, and it’s advised to have this area deep cleaned to restore bathrooms to a spotless state. Take the time to scrub surfaces and leave them gleaming. Clean the toilet, bathtub, shower, sink and mirror. Use bleach or disinfectant for sanitising and removing stains. Remove any mould or mildew with a spray or a paste and don’t forget to clean the tiles, grout and caulking. Ensure you replace any damaged or missing items, such as shower curtains, soap dispensers or toilet paper holders.

We’re Here To Help

At No1 Cleaning Solutions, we trust that these tips will make your move out cleaning a success. However, if you prefer professional assistance, our team is ready to ensure your former home is left immaculate for the next owners. For more information or to book our services please get in touch.