Meth Lab Decontamination

Meth Lab Decontamination

Clandestine Drug Labs contain numerous toxic chemical residues, some of which can cause severe birth defects. The simple facts are that if a CDL is not decontaminated in a proper and methodical manner by trained and qualified experts, the toxic residues may still remain or leach out of household surfaces years after unqualified cleaning.

There are currently a number of cases before the Court’s in the New Zealand where premises weren’t decontaminated thoroughly and children have become gravely sick years later because of toxic residues left behind in Clandestine Drug Labs.

The most common route of any illness is hand to mouth contact.
Can you bear the thought of your child becoming sick from toxic residues?
Or if you rent out a property and someone falls ill from toxic residues, where will you stand legally?
Vicarious Liability and the legal ramifications are massive.

These jobs require expert specialist knowledge and procedures to be thoroughly decontaminated.
DO NOT let any cleaning or restoration company attempt to decontaminate your property after a CDL without first establishing their qualifications, expertise & references in this specialist area. This also applies to companies that your Insurance Provider may send along to fix your problem.

No1 Cleaning Solutions has the knowledge, skill, expertise & qualifications to thoroughly decontaminate and remediate all types of this work.

If you suspect or know that any part of your property was used to manufacture or store Illicit Drugs, What should you do after the Police leave?

DO NOT ENTER without suitable chemical resistant Personal Protection Equipment including Respiratory Protection. You will soon receive a Prohibition Notice from your Local Government Environmental Health Officer prohibiting anyone from entering the premises.
Call ACS on 0279 339 886 (24/7) and we will discuss your problems, options and get it sorted.

If you are purchasing a home that you suspect may have been a Clandestine Drug Lab or even just for peace of mind, No1 Cleaning Solutions can Pre Test the premises for the presence of Methamphetamine and the extent of Meth Lab contamination before you purchase.

Analytical results are usually available within 10 days of testing.