Meth Lab Decontamination Services in Auckland

Meth Lab Decontamination

Meth lab decontamination is a service that is on the rise in Auckland and across New Zealand. Many property owners are finding their new purchase or current property has been used in the drug trade, leaving behind numerous toxic chemicals. If this happens, your property needs a professional meth lab cleanup service, by trained experts like No1 Cleaning Solutions.

If this type of cleaning is undertaken by someone who hasn’t got the correct skills. Toxic contaminants can be left behind for years to come. This creates a serious risk of illness to your family or anyone who rents your property out. We are highly trained and certified in drug lab cleaning, so you can rest assured we’ll get your property hygienically clean and safe again.

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Steps to Take if Your Property Has Been Used as a Drug Lab

If you suspect or know your property has been used as a drug lab, the first point of call is to talk to the police. It’s up to the property owner to deal with the meth lab cleanup, but do not enter the property without suitable protective equipment and respiratory protection.

You will soon receive a Prohibition Notice from your Local Government Environmental Health Officer, prohibiting anyone from entering the premises. It’s recommended to call experts like No1 Cleaning Solutions to discuss your options and put a plan in place to get things cleaned up.

What Happens During a Meth Lab Decontamination?

Once the contaminated site has been secured, we’ll proceed with our meth lab cleanup. This process includes;

  • Airing out of the contaminated property
  • Removals of fixtures, fittings and any other materials suspected of contamination
  • Washing of floors, walls and surfaces that do not need to be removed with a high strength chemical cleaner
  • Inspection and thorough washing of air-con and ventilation ducts
  • Clean out of plumbing systems
  • Request for inspection to the local authorities once the cleanup is completed
  • Testing to certify the property is again safe to be occupied


Any property that has been used to cook meth must be considered a serious health hazard to not only any current residents but to future occupiers too. Residue generated during the cooking process can seep into walls and other porous surfaces and poses a serious health risk to people and animals alike and must be cleaned properly.

Meth users will experience many serious health issues, but so too do people living in a property that was previously used to manufacture it. The symptoms are nearly the same and can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Nose and throat irritation
  • Confusion