House Washing & Pressure Cleaning Services in Auckland

House Washing / Pressure Cleaning

Are you getting ready to sell your home, or are parts of your home looking drab? High pressure cleaning is the way forwards, making your home shine like you never thought possible. We offer external house cleaning services in Auckland, that are affordable, extremely effective and efficient.

No1 Cleaning Solutions are premiere external house cleaners and are highly experienced and trained. We guarantee to blast away all dirt and grime and to bring your home’s youthful glow back. After we’ve finished with your home, you’ll be the envy of neighbours!

Benefits of High Pressure House Cleaning

High pressure cleaning is an effective method to clean the exterior of houses and businesses, driveways, roofs, fences, patios, waste stations, pool surrounds, commercial buildings and much more. While its primary purpose is to clean, there are many other benefits to using high pressure washing.

  • Exceptional results with little effort
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • Helps to keep your home moss, mould and algae free
  • Improves the properties curb appeal
  • Eliminates allergens helping to keep residents healthy
  • Will help sell your home if it’s on the market

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Incredible Squeaky Clean Results in 3 Efficient Steps

Being premiere high pressure cleaners in Auckland, we’ve learned how to get the best results, in minimal time. Our cleaning methods are effective, powerful and long lasting. Here’s our 3 step pressure cleaning process.

Step 1: Pre-Soak Foam

We use a bio-degradable and environmentally friendly foam, which clings onto deep down dirt. This dirt is then loosened and brought to the surface while also killing nasties like mould, mildew and algae.

Step 2: Power Clean

Pressure washing is an effective technique releasing grey wood fibres in a non-damaging way. Surfaces are restored to their former glory, without blasting away good wood.

Step 3: Protective Finish

We finish with the addition of special polymers, which protect and enhance the natural life of your surfaces. It fights weather damage by repelling the elements and seals pores to fight dirt build up.


Like all forms of DIY, it comes with some pitfalls, inexperienced users are prone to use incorrect pressures and poor techniques resulting in minor damage to paths, walls and woodwork etc as well as using more water than required. So it’s always recommended to hire professionals to get the job done.

We only use bio-degradable and environmentally friendly foam and as our technicians are skilled, there is minimal spread onto surfaces that don’t need it. The nature of the dirt or staining will dictate which chemicals and how much is required so it is completely safe.

House Washing / Pressure Cleaning

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