High cleaning

High cleaning

High cleaning internal areas to buildings 1.8 Meters & above have built up dirt over the years of which has been over looked in many cases.
No1 Cleaning Solutions support healthier indoor environments. A deep clean in any indoor location cannot be considered a thorough clean without the inclusion of a High cleaning. If 1.8 Meters & above/ceilings are left unattended they simply leave office staff and workers vulnerable to captured overhead toxins, airborne germs and other pollutants which, in time, will fall from soiled ceilings and may cause the spread of colds, illnesses and trigger uncomfortable symptoms of allergies and asthma.

So what do you do?

Replacing acoustic ceiling tiles is expensive and requires downtime to your operation. Painting your ceiling is costly, messy and only covers the dirt.
Let No1 Cleaning Solutions High cleaning service restore your property. Our process is proven and our service is guaranteed.
Impressive cost savings! Save up to 50% off the cost of painting and 75% off the cost of tile/ceiling replacement!!
Disinfects, sanitizes and de-odorizes too!

Our High cleaning process does all this in addition to removing dirt. Ideal for private hospital care, health care buildings and schools.
Special methods for special problems!
Baked on kitchen grease, dirty ventilation areas, water stains are easily fixed.

High Cleaning service includes:
Windows/Louvers & Frames – Walls – Ceilings – Skirting’s & Ledges – Sprinklers – ductwork – Pipes – Light Diffusers – Light Fittings – Picture Frames – Air Vents – Ceiling Fans – Cobwebs – Units – Signage – Clocks – Lifts – Fixtures & Fittings & much more.

No1 Cleaning Solutions currently provides a High cleaning service for “The Selwyn Foundation” – Selwyn Village & Selwyn Heights.