Deceased Estates


Cleaning up deceased estates is not an enjoyable or easy task but luckily there is a trusted group of professionals in Auckland that are experts when it comes to dealing with situations which carry sensitive or emotional baggage, this includes cleaning and removing items from deceased estates. To do it right and to do it well takes the experience and expertise that No1 Cleaning Solutions has.

Why not let us take care of all your cleaning needs? When you are looking for the best deceased estates cleaners Auckland has to offer look no further than No1 Cleaning Solutions. With an emphasis on high quality work, outstanding customer service and reasonable prices you can be rest assured your urgent cleaning needs have a solution you’ll be satisfied with.
Comprehensive services from a team you can trust
There are a number of problems which may arise during a deceased estate cleanup but No1 Cleaning Solutions offer a full range of services to cover all eventualities. These include:

  • Pathogens removal
  • Rodent extermination
  • Insects removal
  • Odour elimination
  • Carpet and mattress cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Restoration

Our team of specialists are fully trained, experienced and qualified to fully comply with local ordinances and they won’t stop their work until you’re absolutely satisfied it has been carried out to your complete satisfaction.

As well as being a team of quality cleaners, we also specialise in restoration which may include, depending on the property priming and painting the walls.

When experience is needed

With the experience, knowledge and service to back up our work, it’s clear that No1 Cleaning Solutions is the best deceased estates cleaners Auckland has. For more information please call (09) 579 8990 or you can send an email to